Links to our Friends

The woodwind forum - members on this forum bring a vast amount of expertise to the table - do not hesitate to ask a question, they are very amenable and helpful.  Also contains information on almost anything pertaining to woodwinds.

Clarinet Pages - Phil play tests and writes a review of many clarinets, this site is a great source of information on clarinets and clarinet care.  Phil also has a "spa treatment" for revitalizing clarinets that aren't quite up to snuff.

Sax on the Web - primarily a sax forum, this link is to the clarinet page, the majority of members are doublers.

The Vintage Clarinet Doctor - Jeremy Soule's web site is chock full of good information, and he favors PMs also.  He does an incredible job of overhauling vintage horns, as you would expect with the web site name.