Penzel Mueller Collections and Quotes

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Quote from Tony Fairbridge in Victoria, Australia: "P-M's are pretty thin on the ground here in Oz, but I've restored several. It seems that the quality fell away towards the end of their production, but some of the earlier ones were truly excellent. My favourite P-M is an early Artist, which I bought on EBay for pocket change for parts. As I stripped it, the quality of the wood and keywork became apparent, and instead of junking it I restored it. It plays as well as my R13 and Imperial and tunes surprisingly well. I've had later P-M's which were of much poorer quality.

Quote from John McIntyre in Northhampton, Massachusetts: "I've had time to thoroughly play-test my recently acquired Artist, a very early one restored by Jeremy Soule. It is a fantastic horn, and will now be my primary. My others include an antique G. Pruefer 7-ring, also restored by Jeremy, a 1958 H. Bettoney in very good condition, a tarnished but playable PM Brilliante, and an Armstrong 4001, used for outdoor play in harsh weather. The Artist is clearly the best among them."

Collection of gkern37

Soloist - I read the story on Clarinet Pages, and when one came available on (you know), I grabbed it - and am I glad I did; in my mind, it is equal to my 1952 Selmer Centered Tone.
Brilliante - my first PM.  When Phil reviewed it, he said I should sell all my other horns and keep it.  A really sweet sounding, easy playing clarinet.
G. Penzel Pacemaker - athough this says G. Penzel, I have found evidence that it was manufactured by Penzel Mueller.  A really good player!
Serial No. 339 - this old horn was probably made beween 1900 and 1920, before they assigned names to the models.  Note the wraparound register key, the rollers on the spatula keys, and the Eb lever for the left pinkie.
I call this one a "pre-Artist", as it was manufactured before PM assigned names to their models, and it has the "Artist Eagle" emblem on all three joints.  Unfortunately, the bell is a Martin Freres, so the horn is not truly authenic.  Plays really nice, with a great tone.

Collection of rezzief

The Super Brilliante plays like a dream. Stunningly good altissimo, easy to shade/cover the tone, lovely rich chalumeau, and what seems to be very good tuning. Clearly a much darker sound than my R-13. It's not pretty, but it's a player. The horn came with four (four!!) barrels - two 62s, a 64, and a 66. One of the 62s was for a Brilliante rather than the Super B.

Collection of reedalanb

The Studio Recording line was of top quality, and one of the rarer models by PM
The Soloist model, while not as rare as the Studio Recording, is still a very sought after Penzel Mueller clarinet
Empire State, some years just Empire, a nice playing model.
An old model with rollers on the RH spatula keys, 7 rings, and a LH Eb/Ab lever.

Dalton's collection

My technician says it is the best clarinet I have - and thats saying a lot as my Yamaha Pro is a nice horn. Anyway, it is his belief that the Soloist was a limited production model to be sold to or possibly presented to important players - possibly even at a worlds fair or the like. He has worked on other PM clarinets and feels they were a good product, but feels that Soloist is a definite cut above the norm.